Pamela Church


Brain Harmonize Now: Five Minute Protocol Exercise

I have a sequence called Brain Harmonize Now that I use for neural integration and exercise for the brain.  It goes like this: DNA Breath for body cortex integration, Gold-White Weave for lateral integration, Spacious Heart Breath for dorsal ventral integration, and Unity to connect them all.  The fifth part of this series is Star Compass Visualization-imagining a bright star in the middle of the brain.  Each visualization is done for about one minute.
So there are three visualizations, that give the body the experience of energy going up and down the spine connecting the body and the brain, the experience of light going left to right, right to left in the brain connecting the hemispheres, and with the infinity symbol at the heart, energy that is spatial, three dimensional connecting front and back.

Unity, the fourth visualization, is imagining thousands of points of light and energy in the body, all connected and pulsing harmoniously.  Another way to see this is to imagine the night sky in the body.
Brain Harmonize Now uses neural integration as a body based practice that instructs the body by the pathways of energy to be an intentional interconnected whole.  This protocol is designed as a five minute daily practice to optimize brain coherence.
When I work with kids I call this Smart Brain Protocol and talk about curvy lines up and down the spine, wavy lines of color in the brain, and a looping figure eight like an amusement park ride in the middle of the chest.  They get it.  Everyone likes to do well and this helps them be more confident  in school.  For kids who have a hard time focusing, I use the Star Compass Visualization instead of Unity.  We are all bright stars.

DNA Breath
DNA Breath

DNA Breath:  
In this breath, you begin breathing in from the sacrum (base of the spine) tracing a spiral with the breath to the crown, on the exhale breathing out an overlapping spiral, creating replications of the life giving double-helix DNA.
Gold-White Weave
Gold-White Weave

Gold -White Weave: 
Imagine horizontal lines of gold and white light, or threads of gold and white, going side to side in the brain creating a tapestry, a woven tapestry of light.  The sides of the brain connected and on, all of one piece. This radiant weave of light filling the entire brain.  The gold light represents the richness of emotion of the right hemisphere; the white light represents incisive understanding of the left hemisphere.
Spacious Heart Breath
Spacious Heart Breath

Spacious Heart Breath:  
This is about breathing into the heart center and, with the breath, tracing an infinity symbol (a sideways figure 8) and breathing out the heart center.

Star Compass Visualization

I developed the Brain Harmonize Now protocol to give form to the different jobs of the healthy brain, and this Star Compass Visualization to give voice to our inner knowing.  The star compass is the dream keeper.  It is the star of the hero's journey.  It is the desire to live our deep, unique, true self and give it to the world.

This dream keeper is our joyful purpose, our awakening heart mind.  Often on this journey, we can feel alone.  The hero archetype to be complete connects with something larger.  The hero finds sustenance from that spacious field Rumi talks about.  We can forget that there is something resplendent that supports us, let us remember and go forward.
Imagine a radiant purple star in the middle of the brain with iridescent rays of light streaming from it. The center and the rays of illumination are all of one piece. This centering star is the internal north star.
It has two purposes:
1) It gives an image that supports neural coherence, global integration with an intent.
2) It is a place without busy talk to ask what is right, what is highest good for self in a particular situation, ask and receive a response.
Notice the body experience while feeling the unified coherence of this internal north star, this star which is here to guide us on our way, the brain’s compass.