Pamela Church


Emotional First Aid and PTSD Treatment


  • To ease intense anger, anxiety, or distress and PTSD.

Two-Minute Simple Balance

1.  Drink water

2.  Hook up the hemispheres of the brain with Heart Blessing.  With hands crossed over the chest, alternate tapping with each hand.

3.  Rest in the heart for a moment with both hands on the heart.


Step 2
Step 2

1.  Back Again:   Tap or hold the thymus (at the second rib on the sternum) with one hand while the other hand taps or holds the chin for two minutes.

2.  Basic Relief:  Hold one hand on the forehead and one hand beneath the nose (at GV26) for two minutes.
Step 4
Step 4

3.  Eyelid Sweep:   Starting with an index finger at the inner corner of each eye, gently pull the fingers over each eyelid, across the temple, and around the back of the earlobes.  Then start over again.  Do this 10 to 20 times.

4.  Brain Flow Mudra:   Hold one hand on the forehead and one hand on the back of the head for two minutes with the intention to convert anxiety into beneficial action.
Step 5
Step 5

5.  Solid Ground:   With one hand, massage under the eyes (at St2) with the thumb and index finger while the other hand is on the sacrum for two minutes.


  • Notice the sensations in your body.  Notice if any feelings have changed and, if so, how.