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Conquer Fear


  • Fear can paralyze.  Fear can also be a catalyst.  It often accompanies us when we are in the midst of major change.  This protocol works with conquering fear, so that we can convert the fear into a vision for where we want to go.  This protocol serves as a general releasing protocol as well.

Two-Minute Simple Balance

1.  Drink water.

2.  Hook up the hemispheres of the brain with Heart Blessing.   With hands crossed over the chest, alternate tapping with each hand.

3.  Rest in the heart for a moment with both hands on the heart.


Step 2
Step 2

1.  Place on hand below the navel and one hand at the forehead for two minutes.

2.  Synapse to Synapse:  With one hand, massage either side of the sternum at the collarbone (at K27) while the other hand is on the heart for two minutes.
Step 3
Step 3
3.  Solid Ground:   Massage under the eyes (at St2) with the thumb and index finger while holding one hand at the sacrum for two minutes.

4.  Hold one hand on the sacrum and one hand underneath the nose (GV 26) for two minutes.

5.  Hold one hand on the sacrum and one hand on the chin (CV 24)  for two minutes.


  • Notice the sensations in your body.  Notice if any feelings have changed and, if so, how.