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Empowering Self When in the Midst

Three-Step Flow for Fear and Anxiety Relief


  • To soothe and offer fear and anxiety relief.
  • To harmonize body energy when there is arousal.
  • To set an intention in the mind and body.
  • To access feelings in a state where feelings are not readily available.

Two-Minute Simple Balance

1.  Drink water.

2.  Hook up the hemispheres of the brain with Heart Blessing.  With hands crossed over the chest, alternate tapping with each hand.

3.  Rest in the heart for a moment with both hands on the heart.


Step 1
Step 1

1.  Brain Flow Mudra:   Hold one hand on the back of the head and one hand on the forehead for two minutes.
Step 2
Step 2
Step 2:  Head-Heart Hold:   Hold one hand on the back of the head and one hand on the heart for two minutes.

Step 3.  Double-Hands Heart Hold:  Hold both hands on the heart for two minutes.


  • Notice the sensations in your body.  Notice if any feelings have changed and, if so, how.

  • For couples, one person does the holding for the partner.  On the third step, the partner places one hand on the person's back in the area of the heart and one hand on the heart.