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Short Manual on the Big Topics in Psychotherapy: The Brain, the Body, and Attachment


We are at a threshold.
It is a time of much established good in the field of psychotherapy. This book, this Short Manual, is a call for a dynamic synthesis, a coming together of attending to the heart, to the body, and to brain states as an ongoing process that furthers the unified self. It is about establishing a heart-mind-body consciousness that includes exploring defenses. Here we have going towards self, towards other, and towards the world with an integrated map of the psyche.


The Harmonize Now: Tools for Integration presented here are for harmonizing well-being. The heart mudras, somatic gestures, and brain visualizations provide an easy vehicle to self-regulate both everyday states and trauma states. These tools support a model of supple wholeness and conscious connection.

HEART BRAIN TRUST® - Opening the Heart and Training for the Brain with Gestural Protocols

Pamela Church is the creator of Harmonize Now:Tools for Integration and the author of the book GESTuRES OF THE HEART.  This work was developed in 2002 as a means to strengthen the nervous system by helping it do what it is designed to do, that is, to grow well.  She is a psychotherapist/Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice in Portland, Oregon. 


I offer clinical counseling that includes Brain Harmonize Now, Time Stamp Now and Brain Update protocols.  These Tools address and promote emotional well being, train the brain and generate flourishing using body attention.  The focus of the Tools is about self regulation with neuroplasticity or to say it another way, they are about self healing by creating new neural circuitry with touch and imagination.   They can be used in the clinical office and at home to further heart centered intelligence and whole brain capacity.

Heart is the command center of the body.
Brain is a complex whole that invites us to weave it all together.  The sum is greater than the parts.
Trust is good as both a noun and a verb.  It is an experience that informs the dream of our life, so we can renew and deepen.
This web site is about:

  • Gestural protocols, that is, tools to work through.
  • Strengthening the neural highways of well being.
  • The creative potential of the body.
  • Belonging to the world.