Pamela Church, M.A.
1732 SE Ash
Portland, OR 97214


My Intention

Using hands to touch energy points on the body has been around for thousands of years.  It is the oldest way of healing and connecting.

I am a psychotherapist, a clinician in the 21st century.  I believe the heart is the supreme healer, that the body's knowledge is vast and deep, and the brain is the master synthesizer.  Modalities that I have an affinity with utilize body states and energy points for physical healing, work with brain synchronization for academic success, work with heart resonance.

My angle on it is that I wanted all three in one protocol that a client could use inside of or out of the hour.  A key factor in the development  of these somatic protocols is that I wanted them to not be therapist driven, that is, the client could just as easily use them on their own.  I wanted various protocols that each carried the essence of heart, brain, body elements (the body by the very nature of the mudras).  Hence the development of  Body Wisdom Tools in 2002.

The different protocols are keyed to different emotional contexts.  The voice of the work is about going to the body, resting in the heart, and connecting the dots in the brain.  

This is about accompanying our life experience with tools that let us be confident about feeling and the working through.  This is for use in everyday situations.  The feeling body is alive and well.

Body Based Psychotherapy Approach

I enjoy what I do: seeing kids, couples, individuals and families. I started out and continue with a psychodynamic approach, which for me is unfolding the current moment, connecting the past and present, and making a bridge to the future.
What I bring to the work is a keen interest in including the body experience as part of the vehicle for self healing.  It is about quickening the work while grounding with the body experience--safety and depth combined.
To enjoy our life, we often need help to clear the distress. The psychotherapy work I do responds to the particular issues at hand while supporting the good. With the difficult material worked and the good acknowledged, all manner of possibility exists.

Pamela Church, M.A.

A mentor of mine talked about how as psychotherapists, of course, we need to train well  and all that that entails, but just as essential is to balance that with a rich, full life.  Part of how he did that was to go fishing.  This is the one precious life we have and our job is to cultivate well-being.
I do what I can.  I find much enjoyment in my dog, being outside, dancing, being with my partner.
I get surprised by my life course.  I am amazed that I am fascinated by the new science literature.  I have always loved art and pursued going to museums and the like, since I was a teenager.  I am testimony that a person can be passionately interested in both art and science.
Then there is the body.  Coming home.  Loving my body no matter what.  The no matter what is what makes the love true.  This is the path with heart for me: returning to the body.  And with my body wisdom close at hand returning to the world.