Pamela Church


Smart Brain Good Heart Practices

Letting Neural Connectivity Inform Wellbeing

It seems like we all carry symptoms of some sort today.  And we all wish for well being.  We can reset  the nervous system by pairing whatever distress, emotionally or physically, we are feeling with brain balancing and somatic gestures that soothe and restore.  These four functions can be used for energy healing in groups and alone.
The four functions of Body Wisdom Tools are:
1)   unite the brain
2)   feel the heart
3)   read the signals
4)   increase well being.

We need both sides of the brain talking to each other if we are to have full resource.  This is done simply by crossing the hands over the chest, the hands naturally rest on Lung1 an acupressure point for letting go, and tapping gently.

I believe the heart is the place that brings it all together, that is, a convergence of wisdom and here now body feeling.  By paying attention to the experience of the heart, we are tuning in to our everyday self and our larger knowing.  A lovely place that has open-ended potential.

Reading The Signals

The body gives us information all the time.  If we listen in and respond, a moment to moment awareness, then on a fundamental level we stay connected to ourselves.  This attunement, this reading the signals can be quite satisfying.  It is making a commitment to be in relationship with self.  Turning the attention to body signals is a skill and like any other skill it takes cultivation.  The somatic gestures are a means to develop that kind of body mindfulness.
If there is a task with these somatic protocols it is to increase joy and ease. In the midst that might seem like an inaccessible aim.  The job is to tip the scales so that distress is diminished and well being is increased.  If we can do that, we can disrupt patterns of pain and replace them with patterns of resiliency. The body likes resiliency and will do what it can to augment openness and movement.  What it takes is speaking the same language as the body with somatic gestures that increase blood flow and awareness to key energy centers.

Four Pieces Of Good News

1)   The good news is that we are an interconnected whole.
2)   The good news is that our feelings do affect our bodies, that feelings do make biochemical changes in the body.
3)   The good news is that whatever we are going through can be used as means to increase compassion and care for self.
4)   The good news is that self compassion and care change the responsiveness of the brain: When we have a kind, aware, compassionate connection to self in the whirl of pain and distress, we are increasing the plasticity, the resiliency of the brain.